1st and 2nd XI's only

Weekly on Tuesday from 9th April

6pm – 8:30pm (Light Permitting)

1st XI only

Weekly on Friday 4pm - 5.30pm

Free with membership

For more info please email

Open Training for all Seniors

Weekly on Weds from 10th April

6pm – 8:30pm (Light Permitting)

Free with membership

For more info please email


You may use the nets if:

  • You are a paid-up member of WHCC
  • A member of a visiting team on match days
  • You follow the safety, kit and equipment rules

Kit & Equipment Rules

  • No kit bags on the artificial playing surface, or within the hitting direction of practice.
  • Wear suitable footwear i.e. rubber-soled (non-marking) cricket shoes or trainers. NO Spikes, NO heels, NO smooth soles, NO street shoes.
  • Batters working with a hard ball must wear adequate protection, helmet, box, pads etc.
  • All Under 18’s must bat in a helmet.
  • No footballs, rugby balls etc to be used in the nets

Net Safety Rules

  • No spectators are to be in the nets.
  • Batters should pad up outside the net area.
  • Bowlers should only bowl when the batter is ready and should face the batter at all times. They should not bowl if a loose ball is in the net.
  • A loud cry of “STOP” should stop activity in all nets immediately to address any safety problem.
  • Balls should be returned immediately by the batsman and not left to lie loose in the net.
  • Balls must be retrieved from the side netting by the Safe Method. The Safe Method is:
  • Check no one is bowling in the net next to you.
  • Once safe remove the ball from the net with your foot.
  • When the ball is away from the net pick the ball up.
  • Walk back to the back of the net keeping your eyes on the net at all times.
  • Bowling machines: These should only be used by those qualified and/or authorised to do so during arranged practice session
  • U16s should be accompanied by a coach or parent at all times

Nets used for arranged practice sessions

For the safety of our youth members (those under the age of 18) the following procedures are in place.

  • The sessions MUST be conducted under the supervision of an ECB qualified coach.
  • When batting facing a hard ball the proper protective items, including helmet MUST be worn.
  • ensure a safe environment.
  • Any equipment including kit bags is to be stored away from the nets.
  • After each practice session all equipment other than the net stumps should be put away in the shed

Nets used by members outside normal practice sessions

  • The club will not accept responsibility for unaccompanied children using the nets facility.
  • Members under the age of 18 using the net facility are the responsibility of their parents/guardians/carers.
  • People using the nets without the supervision of a qualified coach do so AT THEIR OWN RISK.
  • The nets must be left in the condition they were found with stumps left in appropriate position and any rubbish removed.

Timetable of arranged sessions

The net facility is open all week to members for general use with priority given to the following on these days:




General use all day


Senior Training 5-8pm


Senior Training 5-8pm


Junior Training 5-8pm


Senior & Junior Training 5-8pm


Match day use


Match day use

Please direct any queries to the Cricket Safeguarding Officer:

Matt Bowen



We are continually on the look out for new members of all ability. We run six league sides on a Saturday. On Sundays we are entering the Middlesex Development League. Representing social cricket at the club we have two friendly sides; the Winchmore Hill Tigers and the Winchmore Hill Lions playing friendly cricket every Sunday.

We have some of the best facilities in North London, including 3 pitches, a new artificial practice area and a warm and welcoming clubhouse. The Club has a great mix of youth and senior members, with a great social and friendly atmosphere.

If you would like further information about the club, or would like to join then please start by emailing

The Club also runs a highly successful Colts section which has over 250 members from the ages of 7 through to 17. For more information please refer to the COLTS section on this website.