The Club Bar is Open

I'm sure you have been looking forward to coming back to the Club for a cold one as much as we have been looking forward to welcoming you back! And the time is finally here....the bar is now serving.

Quick Guide

The designated seating area will be out by the back verandah.

Group sizes

  • You must follow either the rule of six, or
  • No more than two households present

Getting Served

  • Sit at a table
  • Remain seated to order, eat and drink
  • Order drinks from the bar staff and food from Claire's staff separately
  • Do not walk around with your drinks


  • Pay by contactless where possible


  • Enter through the outside doors- do not walk through the pavilion
  • Wear a mask

Track and Trace

  • Everyone aged 16 or over must sign in to Track and Trace
  • Use the QR codes for the NHS app or to email the Club track and trace or sign the paper sheet.
  • We are required to refuse entry to those who refuse to track and trace

Serving Out The Front

We are initially restricting service to the area out the back but do hope to provide service out the front by the weekend so that you can watch the cricket out there with a drink. This all depends on the logistics of providing suitable seating arrangements etc. If you are unsure when you arrive, please do check with a member of staff.

New Till System
We have implemented a new till system so please bear with us while we get used to it. If you are asked to move closer to (or inside) the building in order to pay, this is permitted under the current guidance.

Can I get a take away?

While the guidance does permit bars to serve drinks to takeaway, these must not be consumed on or adjacent to the premises so you will not be able to buy a take away drink to sit out on the field.

While visiting the club, please continue to observe the usual rules such as social distancing, thorough hand washing and wearing a mask when moving around.

We hope you and everyone enjoys their visit so please respect other members and visitors by sticking to the rules.

See you soon!